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Mastering Grocery Fulfilment:

How to Create Conveniences for Shoppers & Associates.

Let’s face it: Operationalizing eCommerce is not an easy task.

Your customers want to shop online, this is no secret. Expanding demand and advances in your ability to fulfill online orders are ushering in the next stage of eCommerce.

But, how do you know where to start? How do you ensure your solutions are equipped to scale? How do you maximize the impact of your associates? How do you continue to offer the value and quality service that your shoppers are used to with all of these new channels?

We’ve spent 7 years creating digital solutions for these exact challenges facing the grocery industry, and as a result we’ve learned a lot.

Watch as Mercatus’ Kevin Kidd, Product Director walks you through the Four Pillars of eCommerce Operational Excellence, the Impact of Operational Restraints on Customer Service and How to Maximize Conveniences for your Associates.

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